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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Review - Amazing Grace by Danielle Steele

Title: Amazing Grace
Author: Danielle Steel
Publisher: Bantam Dell Publishing

Buy Link: Amazing Grace

Rating: You Need To Read

Reviewed by: Val

Sarah Sloane has the perfect life. The perfect husband, two beautiful children, and planning the annual Smallest Angels Ball were all the things that made up this perfect life for her. Everett was a reporter who was covering the event. He had lost a lot in his life due to his own behavior. He used to be a reporter for the AP until his alcoholism took over and he lost everything. Now he is working with Snoop magazine as a glam reporter and is at a crossroads in his life. Melanie was the singer that was scheduled to perform for the Smallest Angels Ball. Melanie was 19 and had everything that a girl could possibly want. Her mother, however, was an overbearing woman who controlled Melanie's life. Melanie's life revolved around singing and performing. Maggie was a nun who lived her life to help others. The only reason she was at the event was because she had promised a friend she would go in her place. Maggie's life was spent helping those who couldn't help themselves. Until the earthquake.

I was absolutely amazed at how these characters continued to play a part in each others lives at just the right time. They all bonded because of one night that an earthquake hit. I enjoyed watching all the characters face their conflicts and triumph in impossible situations. Danielle Steel had a way of making these characters so relevant and heartwarming to me. I was actually rooting for certain couples to make it and certain couples to break up.

Danielle Steel brought to a life a captivating story of four colorful characters and the events that would change thieir lives forever. I fell in love with this Amazing Grace within the first chapter and I just couldn't put this book down. I was so wrapped up in the characters that I just had to see what happened next. In true Danielle Steel fashion, she has done it once again with this exceptional book.

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