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Friday, January 23, 2009

Review - Auctioned Bride by Victoria Chapman

Title: Auctioned Bride
Author: Victoria Chapman
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Buy Link: Auctioned Bride
Rating: You Want to Read

Reviewer: Sashet

Who will win the battle and who is going to win the war?
When Kathy Adams finds herself alone in a deserted building during a hurricane, the last thing she expects is to run into a stranger in the dark. He turns out to be a Peruvian billionaire who takes one look at her in the glare of his flashlight, and decides to add her to his collection of pretty toys. He offers her a dream job on his private island in the Caribbean, and their seduction dance begins.
He is handsome, arrogant, and thinks that every woman has a price. And she's a girl who won't be bought. She wants the real thing—she wants love. Paul Andros doesn't know the meaning of the word.

Auctioned Bride is one of those hard to classify books. There were elements I loved about it and others I found too cliché. Paul Andros is not shown in enough depth to get to know him which makes his motivations seem very superficial. This could be because most of the book is written from Kathy Adam’s Point of View. However, there were enough times seeing through Paul’s eyes that the reader should have had more insight into him. Kathy is too caught up on Paul’s money and power to allow herself to learn who the man is. Her revelation that she is in love is surprising not only to the character but the reader as well. The contrast between the world Kathy is from and Paul is from is well drawn and striking. Still, it had moments that were humorous and touching.

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