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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Review - Eyes of Truth by Linda Suzane

Title: Eyes of Truth
Author: Linda Suzane
Publisher: Wings ePress
Buy Link: Eyes of Truth

Rating: You Could Read

Reviewer: Janelle

When a body is found drained of blood in a distant province, the ruler of Naj sends his brother Insu ha Dar to investigate. In Dak moon, Dar discovers a city plagued by a mysterious illness and gripped with fear of dangerous night creatures. The Insu ha's ability to tell if a person is lying should make it easy for Dar to discover the killer, but he finds it isn't. With his companion, a retired assassin named Waulo, and the help of the Guard Master Joran, Dar searches for the truth. A truth that the Magistrate Insu ha Shoki doesn't want him to find.

I am a big fan of the murder mystery genre, especially when well mixed with the paranormal, but I found this book left me wanting. It gets off to a slow start, throwing out names and terms that mean little to the reader and have little to no context. The setting takes heavily from ancient China or Japan, which the unsubtle renaming of titles, places, and customs does little to disguise. These two problems combine, often giving the reader an unfamiliar word without an accompanying description, and leaving them to guess at what everyday items are supposed to be.

The story improves greatly once the plot gets underway, with a nice pace, interesting characters, and even a bit of humor in places. However, the paranormal aspect is downplayed and the murder is not overly mysterious. While I did not guess the end result exactly, I was not particularly surprised by the parts I mis-guessed either. I believe the story’s greatest short coming is the choice of the omnipotent narrator; which tends to drain the mystery from the story by following all the main characters, good and evil. Overall is it a good rainy day book; entertaining, but easily set aside when need be.

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