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Friday, January 16, 2009

Review - Forever In Her Eyes by Calista Fox

Title: Forever In Her Eyes
Author: Calista Fox
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Buy Link: Forever In Her Eyes
Rating: You Need To Read

Reviewed by: Laura

Who would have thought that participating in an auction for a 7 carat diamond would reap such wonderful benefits? Rayne Gerard is prompted by a disembodied, sexy voice over her shoulder warning her against bidding on the wrong item. Not to be coerced into making a decision not her own, she turns to confront the speaker. Enter Dyson Montgomery; handsome, strong and definitely the last thing she expected to find. After being seduced and betrayed by Vladimir Novikov centuries ago, Rayne is wary of people in general and men in particular. Yet, there is something about Dyson that speaks to her in ways she never dreamed of. After receiving several threatening communications from Vladimir that threaten her very existence, Rayne decides to use Dyson as protection from Vladimir. He must not ever get his hands on the Emerald of the Evening that is now in her possession. She will never let him near it. While Rayne tries to figure out a way to steer clear of Vlad, Dyson, on the other hand, calls to her soul and convinces her that some things are always possible.

This book has adventure, suspense and romance all wrapped up in a short story. The author manages to incorporate all these elements into such a fascinating read. I expected a short story to be too quick and not well explained. Boy, was I wrong. I fully appreciated and understood the characters’ feelings and emotions throughout. I didn’t feel like things were left out in order to keep the word count down. The book was definitely well worth my time and one I intend to recommend to all my friends.

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