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Monday, January 26, 2009

Review - Lust of a Vampire by Belita Renn

Title: Lust of a Vampire
Author: Belita Renn
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Buy Link: Lust Of A Vampire

Rating: You Could Read

Reviewed by: Tir

Can the devil and the angel be one and the same?

Selean was dying from a form of Cancer so she commits suicide. As she is dying and angel arrives to take her away.

Only this angel turns out to be Raggar Vaul, a vampire that seems inclined to torture her. Then he claimed her as his own since he saved her life. He loves her with an unexpected passion that she is happy to enjoy, still she is his prisoner.

While adjusting to living in his castle, he never warns her therefore she is unprepared for the encounters with an evil that is determined to kill her when it attacks.

Will she survive or will the evil take over all?

The summary for Lust of a Vampire was somewhat misleading in my opinion. Raggar takes Selean and claims her as his own not because he saved her life but because he has been watching her, wanting her as his mate. I like Ms. Renn's style of writing but her characters fall a little flat. They both have very contridictory traits. For example, she mentions Selean's strength of character and Selean demonstrates great tenacity in her quest to escape Raggar, yet in the very beginning she is commiting suicide. Ragger is supposed to be an unresistable, dominating, pillar of sexuality yet he sometimes loses that feeling of control and dominace. The story itself is rather interesting and kept my interest with a few fumbles along the way. The love scenes were rather steamy but could have used a little more detail and it would have been nice to get more into the character's heads. While not a book I would highly recommend, I would say if vampires are your thing you might enjoy it.

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