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Friday, January 16, 2009

Review - Poetic Injustice by Alicia Dean

Title: Poetic Injustice
Author: Alicia Dean
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Buy Link: Poetic Injustice

Rating: You Could Read

Reviewed by : Laura

Detective Samantha Colby has tried so hard to make a name for herself on the force. After a failed marriage, she is determined to catch the chief's eye and earn a promotion and thereby boost her flagging confidence. Dr. Dexter Hawkins appears to be a typical good-looking, Harley-Davidson riding playboy. He exudes sexiness and charm just by walking in a room. Samantha is bound and determined not to be drawn in by his warm smile and twinkling eyes. She's danced to that music before, and it got her nothing but heartache. Dexter is intrigued by Samantha and is determined to peel away the layers to get to the heart of the cool, calm and business-like lady detective.

The premise for this book held such promise, and it did deliver to a point. I think had the author been allowed to write a longer story, the characters' personalities could have been fleshed out more and helped the reader understand the why and how of their respective decisions. Since the story was relatively short, the romance felt rushed and incomplete. I understood the push-pull of the emotions but felt cheated when past experiences were glossed over and not explained more. Dexter's ex-wife and step-son make brief appearances but don't satisfactorily explain the ins and outs of their respective relationships. The reader has to make do with a few sentences.

Having said that, the suspense portion of the story and the growing list of murder suspects does make it very interesting. The author does use rarely used methods to draw the reader into assuming they know the identity of the murderer only to be shot down by exciting twists and turns. The unique plotlines lend a great drama to the book that is not often incorporated into a romance. I enjoyed the suspense and mystery portion of the book very much. I anticipate this author will write more books in this vein and continue to stump her fans.

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