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Friday, January 16, 2009

Review - Trust No One by Katie Reus

Title: Trust No One
Author: Katie Reus
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Buy Link: Trust No One

Rating: You Want To Read

Reviewed by: Laura Moreno

Calista Kingston is a famous singer. Dane Leven is the exact opposite of what Calista has always wanted in her life. He is dangerous, dark and moody. But life being what it is, he is exactly what she needs to survive her fan turned stalker. Calista's brother, Connor, even arranges it so Dane is the person hired to protect his twin sister. Their attraction escalates after being forced under one roof and soon there is nowhere left to go but into each other's arms. What Calista doesn't know and Dane is too afraid to tell her is there is something that could shatter their relationship and leave them irreparably broken.

Upon reading the description of this book, I couldn't wait to read it. I was immediately drawn into Calista's world of touring, recording and rubbing elbows with celebrities, etc. I was also shown a world that all too easily lends itself to the minds of some people that can take an inocuous situation and skew it into something sordid and inappropriate. This is how her stalker views her. Merely meeting with someone at a party makes her a whore in his eyes. He wants her and hates her at the same time. I was very intrigued by the special twin connection between Calista and Connor. However, after the intial few passages regarding her feeling Connor's being shot and physically sporting a bruise in the area he was shot, there was hardly any mention of Connor again. The connection just petered out. I had hoped that the author would play upon that twin connection especially when the relationship between Dane and Calista heated up setting up a showdown of sorts between her brother and her lover. The groundwork was laid but never built upon. The story does take the reader down a series of dead ends and keep you guessing as to the identity of the stalker, nonetheless, and makes for a good read. The ending ties up several loose ends and makes you feel good about an unlikely ending between two people from such opposite spectrums of the world. I enjoyed the book and look forward to reading her work in the future.

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