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Friday, January 16, 2009

Review - When Night Falls by Kit Catlyn

Title: When Night Falls
Author: Kit Catlyn
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Buy Link: When Night Falls

Rating: You Need To Read

Reviewed by: Laura Moreno

Taylor Cautrell is a divorced woman living alone on fifteen acres with a house, barn and a horse. She enjoys the solititude and quiet afforded her by being surrounded by the forest and all the accompanying fauna. Her ex-husband, Paul Grier, makes her life miserable with his occasional unannounced drunken visits. She wonders what she ever saw in him. He is so unstable she worries he will soon be a threat to her personally. Taylor is an author by profession and is currently working on an article about endangered species. Little does she know how close to home that article would hit.

Dar angered the gods and has been relegated to a life of being human at night and a wolf during the day. Being a shape-shifter, he roams the earth in search of his soulmate. She is the only remnant of his former life that he still has memory of. Dar cannot recall why he made the gods angry, but he is grateful he still has the ability to sense her. He leads his pack of fellow wolves to where her heart beats and calls to him in hopes they will be able to connect despite his changed state of being.

After reading this book, I had to sit back and ponder a love so strong that it would reach across not only time and space but also species. When Taylor is so drawn to the wolf who is injured in the snow and can hear him in her mind, I had an "ah" moment. Only a love so deep could call to one's soul despite their differences in appearance. The way he loves her and cares for her in spite of his limitations is what every woman dreams of. Their lovemaking was tender and also animalistic. The way the author describes his exploration of her body and her desire to please him equally was exquisite. I felt happiness, sadness and a deep emotional quenching upon completion of the book. I loved everything about this story and hope to read more from this fantastic author in the future.

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