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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lizzie's Listening Review

Title: Lizzie’s Listening
Author: Mackenzie Drew
Publisher: Eternal Press
Buy Link: Lizzie's Listening

Rating : You Could Read

Reviewed By: Tir

Eleven year old, Lizzie Harper is a family's worst nightmare. She is a compulsive killer and nothing short of a demon child.
When Rachael Barter applies for a housekeeping job and is hired, little does she realize she will eventually assume the role of surrogate mother to an evil child that has the same traits as Satan, himself…

As I read Lizzie’s Listening I found that I really wanted more. I think the story would have been better presented in a longer format, to really bring out the evil in Lizzie that is only hinted at in this short story. The ending was slightly rushed and again, I think an expanded version of this story would be really great. As is, it does give you a little bit of the heebie-jeebies. Lizzie is quite an evil little child and the way she speaks, moves, and threatens is well established. Over all Ms. Drew presents a very creepy horror story and I would like to see more from her.

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