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Monday, February 2, 2009

Review: Out Of The Darkness

Title: Out Of The Darkness
Author: Lesli Richardson
Publisher: Lyrical Press, Inc.
Buy Link: Out Of The Darkness

Rating: You Want To Read

Reviewed By: Tir

Ancient evil forces a woman to fight for her life - and true love.
Man may forget horrors, but the land remembers. Built on a cursed patch of ground, George Simpson's house of evil has ruined many lives over its hundred-year existence.
Author Steve Corey rents the place as an early anniversary surprise for his wife, hoping it might repair the deep rift his alcoholism has created in their marriage.
Before they moved to the Simpson house, Samantha Corey thought getting Steve sober was the hard part. But the house's dark nature has turned her thoughts to Matt Barry, Steve's best friend and agent...and her old love. Can they overcome the ancient evil threatening them all from OUT OF THE DARKNESS?

Ms. Richardson’s Out Of The Darkness continues the tradition of works such at Amityville Horror and Pet Cemetery, stories of places where horrible events leave their mark and that horror is perpetrated to all who attempt to live there. She does an excellent job building the history of the Simpson House, revealing all the atrocities that have occurred on the site to give the reader the information our hero and heroine don’t have to start.

It was a little difficult for me to get behind Sami and her unhappiness with her marriage but as the story progressed I became more attached to her, though Ms. Richardson manages to keep you still liking her husband Steve, despite his actions that spark Sami’s issues. I was a little thrown again later when, even after admitting that many of Steve’s new actions were due to his being possessed by an evil spirit, Sami and Matt would attribute some of the spirit induced behaviors to Steve. This didn’t detract from the story itself and the writing is smooth. I thought her descriptions were fantastic, showing me the house and the surrounding areas in vivid detail. Her secondary character, Julie is just as lively as her main characters and I found myself liking her the most.

I’d definitely recommend this for a stormy night while cuddled under the blankets. Just remember to leave the light on.

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