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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Review - After The Storm by Jaxx Steele

Title: After the Storm
Author: Jaxx Steele
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Buy Link: After The Storm

Rating: You Could Read

Reviewed by: Laura

Ethan Conrad’s latest relationship caused his father to banish him to Indiana to manage his father’s business there. He knows his father is not willing to accept Ethan’s lifestyle so Ethan obeys.

Marcus Devereaux lost everyone he cared about due to Hurricane Katrina. His father, mother, lover and friends were all taken from his life in one fell swoop. He is bound and determined not to get close to anyone ever again because losing them is just too hard.

I began this story with great hope for an interracial love story that packed a punch. While the background laid a great premise, Marcus’ unwillingness to allow others into his life was a little unbelievable. When you lose someone, you tend to cling more to what you have or try to regain what you lost in a desperate attempt to still feel alive. That someone would go to such lengths to distance himself just was not credible to me. Ethan is persistent when initially rebuffed by Marcus, and that ultimately leads to the rest of the relationship. I think it also was a little far-fetched that Marcus would promise Ethan a forever romance after only knowing each other such a short time. That being said, the dialogue between the characters and love scenes were nicely written and steered the balance of the story to a fitting end. This book is a good endeavor by Mr. Steele but I would have preferred more depth to the characters.

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