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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Review - The Devil Made Me Do It by Jaxx Steele

Title: The Devil Made Me Do It
Author: Jaxx Steele
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Buy Link: The Devil Made Me Do It
Rating: You Want To Read

Reviewed by: Laura

Rick Michelson is content with being a teacher by day and a plain-vanilla type man at night with his lover, Terry. Rick allows Terry to be wild enough for both of them so he doesn’t feel compelled to step it up so to speak.

There is something to be said for stepping outside the box. The Devil pays a visit to Rick one night and presents him with an interesting proposition; either go along with The Devil’s plan or risk Terry being hurt or Rick’s school going up in flames. Rick, not one to be confrontational, agrees to go along with the plan. He takes a trip through the Male Room where he is subjected to some of the most delicious scenarios imaginable.

Rick’s transformation should be a lesson to everyone. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. It is not always the best thing to be happy with what is. One should be willing to explore new things in order to broaden and deepen our current lives. Being straight by nature did nothing to keep me from being extremely drawn into the sex scenes in this book. The detail of the acts and the description of the scenes were spot on. I could see how each aspect of the various trials was played out. This book is raw and dirty and so compelling that I could not put it down. My only disappointment is that the book wasn’t longer.

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