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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Review - Ella the Vampire by Barton Paul Levenson

Title: Ella the Vampire
Author: Barton Paul Levenson
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Buy Link: Ella the Vampire

Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by: Tami

Blurb: Ella went from victim to vampire…The price? Watching friends and civilizations grow old and die.

Ella spent her youth in a nightmare of abuse. Ever the victim, she ultimately turns to prostitution. Life changes quickly when the undead give her immortality.

Now, she walks the earth with wealth, power and time at her fingertips. Watching loved ones and civilizations age and die, she must grapple with the question: Why was she chosen?

Review: Initially, I was turned off by the length of this novel. I am into quick reads with the schedule that I hold. I never imagined that a 314 page novel would go by so quickly.

The start of the book seemed to go a little slow, but once I got into it, I was hooked and even managed to dream about the characters and what would happen in the book. The characters are very endearing and real to me despite the fact that they were mostly vampires.

The settings in this book played out in my mind as if it were a movie playing. Every detail made me feel as if I were there, not sitting on my couch with my laptop screen blaring white light at me. I could sense the change from vampire to bat, I could sense the atmosphere at the bar, I could feel the dreams.

And last but not least, I was shocked beyond belief to see mention of Jesus in the book. I can't tell you why he was there, but I can tell you that he works wonderfully into the story and helps the book complete the story in my mind. There were no wishing things had been said, there was no wishing that the author would shut up, there was only KUDOS to you Barton Paul Levenson KUDOS!


  1. Tami, thank you for the review! I'm so glad you enjoyed the book.

  2. Wow! Sounds like a must read!


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