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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Review - Feels Like Old Times by Brady S. Sutton

Title: Feels Like Old Times
Author: Brady S. Sutton
Publisher: Eternal Press
Buy Link: Feels Like Old Times

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewer: Val

Feeling old. Lamenting your missing libido. But oh-so-much-more: missing the only woman you ever loved. 
This is Christmas for Harry Bates. Until he meets Carla Long, a widow who refuses to hide her lust for life and love—and Harry Bates. 
When Carla declares her desires, Harry realizes he wants this woman…in every way. But one question makes him hesitate: What would his late wife, Maria, say?

Harry Bates had lost the woman of his dreams. He never though he could ever find someone to relplace his dear Maria, and he didn't want to. He was just tired of being alone. Some friends of his introduced him to Carla, a widow, who makes no apologies for how she lives or how much she desires a relationship with Larry. Come join me on this journey of passion ignited.

Harry's character melted my heart. He was tired of feeling so old and lonely. Harry had a lot of issues to deal with including feeling like he was betraying his dead wife by being attracted to another woman. His reaction to his lacking libido was humorous and serious at the same time. Carla's character made me laugh out loud. She was brassy, sassy and made no apologies for how she dealt with the roller coaster of life. I enjoyed experiencing the characters grow closer and overcome what could have been some very awkward moments. My favorite moment had to be when she presented him with the Christmas present.

Feels Like Old Times was a well written, refreshing and magnificent. It proves you are never too old to find passion and romance no matter how old you feel. I would recommend it to anybody who loves romance with a little bit of eroticism and a lot of humor thrown in. Feels Like Old Times was written in a very mature and understanding way that I found very appealing and is certainly a book that I loved curling up with.

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