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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Review - Going Down 2 by Karma Jones, Tambra Kendall, Blythe Phillips and Jane Leopold Quinn

Title: Going Down 2
Author: Karma Jones; Tambra Kendall; Blythe Phillips, Jane Leopold Quinn
Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press
Buy Link: Going Down 2

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewer: Val

Going Down 2 is a anthology of four stories that are sure to knock your socks off and leave you more than a little hot. Come take a little walk with me as we discuss these four stories. All four take place in an elevator. Did you ever think they could be so much fun?

"The Erotic Touch" by Tambra Kendall

Kimber has been attracted to her friend Chris for what seems like forever. When he finally shows an interest, she's game! Chris has a plan for Kimber and she is more than happy to oblige.

I always love it when there is a happy couple but to make that couple be two close friends who realize that they are falling for each other makes it even sweeter! I was fascinated by the plot of the book and I found myself actually getting into the characters and the plot. This was a very, very erotic read. I enjoyed reading The Erotic Touch which was written in a brilliant way. Tambra Kendall is a very gifted writer and I look forward to seeing more great works from her.

"At Your Service" by Blythe Phillips

Amber Gray is always the one person that everyone figures does not have a social life so she puts in hours on Saturdays because there is no one else to do the job. Brian King is a security guard that has been enchanted by Amber for over a year. The bank is being robbed and both Amber and Brian find themselves locked in a small utility closet. It's in this closet that their feelings for each other are revealed. It then becomes necessary for them to move to the service elevator where things get more than a little steamy.

I thought the beginning moved a little too fast. I couldn't picture a couple going at it during a robbery, until I got into the book. I think if there had been more leading up to the the moment, this would have worked quite well. I do see how the story needed to start out like it did because it made the end so much better than if the story had gone differently. This was a faced paced, action packed story that, at times, had me holding my breath! All of that being said, this book was my favorite. I was still thinking about this story long after I read it.

At your service was a wonderfully written book and the action scenes were AMAZING! I have never read a book by Blythe Phillips but she just found herself another fan.

Elevator Encounters: Double Trouble by Karma Jones

John Savage was a salesman who had a quota to meet. In his quest to make top salesman in the company, he makes a trip to Gina Pharmaceuticals to make a sale and is surprised at what he finds. He is asked to make a "live" demonstration and things only get hotter from there.

Elevator Encounters: Double Trouble was a well written, twist taking read that made me wonder what was coming next. No pun intended. Karma Jones is a new writer to me but definitely had me wanting to read more of her work. I would love to see a sequel to this story that includes a more in depth look into the characters lives and wouldn't it be awesome if this time Lew was the main character? He sounded like a very hunky character! This story was very erotic and most certainly did not disappoint.

"His, Hers, and His by Jane Leopold Quinn

Gwen Bailey had just broken up with her no good boyfriend of six months. Still stunned at the outcome of her broken relationship, in walk two very hunky men named Brede Harker and Rory O'Brien. They both had a date with Gwens boss Ada, who conveniently was on her honeymoon. Gwen finds out that the gorgeous men are from sugardaddiesinc.com. Accepting their invite for dinner, Gwen soon learns that she is in for one hot date.

I enjoyed reading His, Hers and His. The story was very relatable and had me wishing, why do these things not happen to me? I loved the story-line and the characters were hot, hot, hot. I haven't read anything from Jane Leopold Quinn, but based on this book alone, I am missing out on one talented author. This story was very erotic and I think the reader will be pleasantly surprised when they read this book.

In conclusion, this anthology is an amazingly erotic read that you will not want to miss. The authors had very different writing styles but each book in it's own was outstanding. In my opinion, this is a must read for anyone who enjoys erotic romance.

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  1. Hi Val, as one of the Goin' Down Two authors, I thank you for your wonderful comments. As you can probably imagine, we had a great time writing these stories. Thanks so much.

    Jane Leopold Quinn


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