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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Review - My Best Friend's Sister by Tiffany Parker

Title: My Best Friend’s Sister
Author: Tiffany Parker
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Buy Link: My Best Friend's Sister

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed by: Mickey

Sometimes as readers we become so jaded by the number of books available that it is easy to overlook the true gems; My Best Friend’s Sister is definitely one of those gems that should not be missed. In this novel, Tiffany Parker tells the story of two families, the Browns and the Carters, connected for years by the friendships between their children, about to test the limits of how deep those bonds really are. When we meet the main characters, Kimble Brown and Alexandra Carter, they are young adults, Kimble just twenty-three and Alex eighteen and just graduating from high school. While it is obvious that they are attracted to each other, it is also just as obvious that Kim is fighting that attraction and Alex is fighting equally as hard to change his mind. The one thing the both agree is a major impediment to any relationship are Alex’s five brothers, all Kimble’s friends and in some instances confidantes. Elray, Dillon, Trent, Rayden and Rayvon know a little too much about Kimble wild past to approve of “someone like him” for their little sister. Overcoming that obstacle dominates the majority of the book in some fashion as Kimble and Alex struggle to define and solidify their relationship as time progresses.

As readers, we are able to watch, suffer, laugh and rejoice with Alex and Kimble as they take the steps that move them into their future, and sometimes those choices are just as painful as they are rewarding. Ms. Parker does not shy away from emotional scenes, perhaps because she is so talented at writing them. While reading My Best Friend’s Sister the reader is offered many opportunities to giggle, laugh out loud and of course cry with her favorite characters as they find their way. Interestingly, one of the charms of this book is its normalcy – the issues these families face are universal, the love they share does actually exist and Ms. Parker’s ability to illustrate it is exceptional. It is also interesting to watch the characters as they grow older, slowly maturing as we are allowed to witness some of their mishaps first hand in all their glory. While this is mainly Kimble and Alexandra’s story, we do find several other characters to identify and bond with, people that touch our hearts as the years progress in the pages of the book. This is a wonderful story, one I highly recommend!

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