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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Review - Point of Distraction The Second Collection by Cindy Jacks

Title: Point of Distraction - The Second Collection
Author: Cindy Jacks
Publisher: Lyrical Press, Incorporated
Buy Link: Point of Distraction - The Second Collection

Rating: You Need To Read

Reviewed by: Laura

This follow-up to Ms. Jacks’ prior publication continues her theme of a series of three short stories that follows the life of one woman, Ana Welsh. She is complicated but sensitive; emotional but controlled and impulsive yet introspective.

In the initial story, Dirty Pool, Ana loses her housekeeper and hires Todd Velvetine who soon becomes her best friend. He is a gay man with her best interests at heart. He is able to whip up a fantastic dinner for her and sit and dish about her sexual conquests just like one of her girlfriends. She also meets Jordan Christiansen who is a doctor in town. She does the usual, “Will he call me or should I call him” dance that we all go through at one point in our life. He makes a tremendous impact on her life; one she is not used to one man making.

Story number two, The Road Less Taken, revolves around Ana trying to have merely a platonic relationship with her new acquaintance, Nikhil. She met him at a party thrown by her new masseuse, Kai, who has done wonderful things to help her relax and relieve her stress. Meeting Nikhil makes her want to have a relationship with a man that doesn’t revolve around having sex. They go on outings and really enjoy just being together. Ana discovers what a delightful and enjoyable thing this could be.

The final story, Alone In a Crowd, sums up Ana’s life as she enjoys three men all in one day. Darcy – from Book 1 – makes an appearance for breakfast, Jonathan for dinner and Miguel - also from Book 1 – for drinks. Ana sits back and looks at her life and how frivolous her love life tends to be. The final story could be her epiphany.

I loved this book! As you enter Ana’s world, you cannot help but want to live your life vicariously through her. She is fun, sexy and intelligent but not pretentious. She has the same character flaws most of us do in that we are concerned with our appearance and being too emotional when it comes to relationships. Ana has the ability to flip her desperation switch off when she feels she is getting too attached to one man. Unfortunately, most of us do not have that switch. Nor do we have a great housekeeper that can let us vent, cry and fall apart all while preparing a sumptuous meal to go with it. I laughed at Todd’s fantastic antics and Ana’s man-juggling act. The energy that drives the story is amazing and thoroughly delightful. I could keep coming back for the stories this author dishes up again and again.

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