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Monday, February 2, 2009

Review - The Quickening by Antonia Tiranth

Title: The Quickening
Author: Antonia Tiranth
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Buy Link: The Quickening

Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by: Mickey

The Quickening by Antonia Tiranth is an exciting, fast-paced novel about a mythical group of beings fighting for the right to exist against an unknown enemy. The Rikashi are dragon shifters whose laws require keeping their existence hidden from humans, while finding themselves facing imminent discovery due to unforeseen treachery. One Rikashi, Aerandir Gwindor, rather than fearing or shunning humans, decides to seek aid from a teenage friend, Josephine Moreau, when his brother Shirak disappears. What Aer and Phi find as they try to rescue Shirak, is that there is more to his disappearance than a simple kidnapping, and more to their relationship than mere friendship. There are questions to be answered about the Rikaski’s sacred history, questions about Phi’s family history, and for Phi answers to her dreams, both literally and figuratively. This is not a simple book by any means, and that is what makes it such a great story.

Ms. Tiranth offers a fresh and unique outlook, alternating the perspective between Aer and Phi’s points-of-view to give the reader different vantage points in the same chapter. This technique is underscored with strong characterizations and quick-witted dialogue: the words seem to leap off the page; the writing is so vivid and imaginative, with a nice comedic touch to add balance. The love scenes between Aer and Phi are almost perfect in timing, intensity and sensuality – like the characters themselves. The secondary characters are just as magnetic and endearing as the primary ones, with a number of quirks that will grab hold of the readers’ heartstrings and not let go. I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and was truly sorry to find myself on the last page when it ended


  1. Aw gee Mickey! /blush Thank you for the wonderful review!

  2. Having read about 80% of the book (damn school) I agree with Mickey 150% on this review. I can't wait to finish the book and read the others that will follow.



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