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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Review - Wicked Redemption by Nancy Henderson

Title: Wicked Redemption
Author: Nancy Henderson
Publisher: Champagne Books
Buy Link: Wicked Redemption

Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by: Tami

Blurb: Maggie Webb never considered her ability a gift. In fact, seeing dead people
has put quite a damper on her life. When a demon shows up seeking revenge, all hell breaks loose. An even bigger problem: he passes out in her home then wakes up with no memory whatsoever.

Cole Turner is back from Hell, and he’s going to make Maggie pay. Maggie’s “gift” is blocking his mission of stealing souls. However, coming to Earth without permission from The Dark One has cut his ties to Hell and caused him to lose his memory. He no longer knows Maggie Webb as his enemy but sees her as the only person who can help him discover who, or what, he really is.

The attraction Maggie feels toward him is undeniable, but if Cole regains his memory he may try to destroy her once again. And if the Dark One finds him…Can Maggie break the bonds of Hell?

Review: OK, so I don't normally give out You Gotta Read ratings. It has to be something that just sparks my interest so much that I just can't seem to contain myself. My boyfriend has suffered through me trying to tell him what was going on in this book over and over again. I've been a firm believer that if you don't capture my attention in the first chapter, then you pretty much are toast. Nancy Henderson did better than that! She captured my attention from the first page. I was hooked from page one and even went as far as to contact the publishing house to find out when this book goes in print. I need to have this in my collection with an autograph on it.

Ms. Henderson is a master with words and a wizard in making the paranormal seem normal and real. I enjoyed the characters range of emotions and depth of feeling. Though none of this could have ever happened in real life, I could see it happening, feel my heart rate go up while in the tense moments in the book. Thank you Ms. Henderson for giving me a read that will not be forgotten! Kudos to you and hope to see more from you in the near future.

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