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We are Moving!

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Welcome to You Gotta Read Reviews

Though we've been posting reviews for a few weeks now, welcome to our grand opening!

What do reviewers do when the site they reviewed for closes? They band together and mourn the loss and then decide to continue doing what they love reviewing books. Sometimes it means finding another review site looking for reviewers and sometimes it takes the form of a new review site. The latter is the route taken by the reviewers from Simply Romance Reviews.

We owe a lot to Julie and Lynda who owned Simply Romance Reviews. They brought us together and provided quality books for us to read, enjoy and review.

Why did we choose a blog instead of a site? The simple reason is none of us is great shakes with designing websites. The other reason, is unlike a website a blog allows all reviewers to put up their own reviews if they wish and it allows readers to add their comments about the reviews. If you disagree with the reviewer - you are welcomed to add your thoughts on the book in the comments.

In addition to the review blogs - You Gotta Read has two sister blogs. You Gotta Read Guest where authors will drop in and guest blogs or will be interviewed by our co-founder Tami. You Gotta Read Videos which will feature one book trailer a day as selected by our other co-founder Stephanie. You may request a guest blog date, interview, book trailer feature or review by emailing us at yougottaread@gmail.com

If you are interested in becoming a reviewer please contact at us at the above email along with a sample review. Authors requesting a review please submit the following: Title, Author, Publisher, Page Count, Genre and a short blurb.

Our reviewers are limited to 10 books out at any one time and a 30 day time limit from receiving the book until the review is posted.

Again welcome to our new review site - we look forward to reviewing books for years to come. To kick off our new review site - Kita Diablo has kindly donated a book which will go to one lucky person who comments on this post. And head over to You Gotta Read Guest where Alexis Morgan is blogging and has 2 books to give away... AND Kissa Starling has offered us a copy of her Robert's Story AND.... Noble Publishing has generously donated 5 books that will be given away randomly through the week! So tell your friends to come visit us!


  1. Looks like you have a fun month planned, Stephanie. I love getting to learn about new authors and their stories.


  2. Good luck with the new blogs, does sound like a very fun month.


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