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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Review - Aries Rising by Syrell Starr

Title: Aries Rising
Author: Syrell Starr
Publisher: Carnal Passions Press
Buy Link: Aries Rising

Rating: You Could Read

Reviewed By: Janelle

One man has the unique gift of being able to read photographs, and he uses his skill to provide mates for men who pay well for the privilege. Gondar Lem is such a man. For nine years, he’s lived alone but hopes for the day the matchmaker will find him a special woman. Sierra Madison poses nude to help raise funds that will pay for her brother’s surgery. Little does she realize what that photograph will cost her. Kidnaped by an alien who claims she was chosen for his mate, she’s whisked away to exotic planets on an adventure that brings her more pleasure than she ever dreamed possible.
If you’ve read my reviews in the past, you know that a spicy sex scene just doesn’t get me there. I want a story that is worth reading for its own merit. Sex should be the added bonus, not the major plot point.

That is basically where this story falls apart. The author is in such a hurry to throw the characters into bed, the logical course of events is often thrown out the window. When Sierra is abducted, handcuffed, declared married, hauled off into space, and molested in her sleep – she just kind of goes with it. There is no screaming or crying or fighting back or any other expected response; just thoughts of how sexy the man is.

Perhaps the most telling event in this tale, is the one that is never told. Between one chapter and the next the reader is informed that two weeks have passed. And apparently in this time frame nothing of note happened between three people trapped on a spaceship that only has two rooms. Then fall into bed as soon as the ship lands.

If you are not too worried about a plot getting in the way, the sex isn’t bad. But if I cannot feel connected to the characters, it misses it’s mark.

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