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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Review - A Band of Roses by Pat McDermott

Title: A Band of Roses
Author: Pat McDermott
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Buy Link: A Band of Roses

Rating: You Want To Read

Reviewed by: Laura

The Boru family and the Wessex family have agreed to a marriage contract between Taillte “Talty” Boru and Thomas Wessex. The marriage is to benefit both families in terms of wealth. After the wedding, members of the Wessex family decide to kill Talty in order to receive the Boru wealth without having to keep her in their family. As it turns out, the planned attack is botched and Talty’s grandmother is killed while Talty survives just barely. The Borus see the opportunity to spirit Talty far away to convalesce while the rest of the world believes she has passed on. While they wait for the smoke to clear, they plan on how best to exact their own brand of revenge for the cruel deed done to them.

As I began the over 600-page story, I knew it would be quite detailed. I was not disappointed. The author takes the reader from Ireland to Asia to California. The events that encompass Talty’s recovery are many and varied. She trains in the martial arts while in Asia and is employed as a time-travel adventurer in California. The scenes described allow the reader to vividly envision the dojos, residences and landscape that frame each chapter in her life. Her many encounters with other people serve to encourage her to believe in herself and also to keep her guard up for what one least suspects. Neil Boru and Aidan Dacey play significant roles in the vengeance sought by the Boru family. They are both well trained in combat and make it their duty to protect their loved ones. Neil’s affection for Talty is a slow and uneventful one until the latter part of the book. However, the battle for revenge ultimately leads to what could be the love of a lifetime. The reader will delight in the detours that Talty takes in her quest to go back to Ireland permanently as well as the adventures that keep her occupied while she waits. I would genuinely like to read more from Ms. McDermott.

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