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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Review - Brought To Life by Dara England

Title: Brought to Life
Author: Dara England
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Buy Link: Brought to Life

Rating: You Could Read

Reviewer: Laura

Megan Hurst is a struggling artist without a real job. She was recently laid off and is dependent on her roommate, Carlita, to pay all the bills. At the insistence of Carlita, Megan begins to read a book title “Noble Hearts.” Shortly after she begins to read the book, a stranger becomes entangled in her life in the most unusual of circumstances. As she befriends him, she realizes his demeanor is curiously like that of the lead male character in her book. Could he be her own version of him?

This short novel is neatly written but hard to get your teeth into. While the characters are easy enough to like, the situations are a little unbelievable. Megan meets a stranger and spends money on breakfast, cabs, entertainment, clothing, etc. yet she is unemployed with no prospects on the horizon. That coupled with the strange man’s willingness to depend on Megan with no questions asked is also a little farfetched. However, it is a nice fairy tale type of fantasy which undoubtedly any woman would like to have happen to her. It would be a nice dream to have come true. It was a pleasant read.

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