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Friday, March 27, 2009

Review - The Feel of Lace by Skyler Grey

Title: The Feel of Lace
Author: Skyler Grey
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Buy Link: The Feel of Lace

Rating: You Could Read

Reviewed by: Tami

Blurb: Lacey Kimbel seemed to have the worst luck when coming to men. Living a fast paced life in N.Y., Lacey just can't seem to find a decent man and her latest guy, Ritchie, is no exception.

Ritchie Holt, a NYPD cop thinks Lacey is his perfect match. Considered a modern day, Marquee de Sade, Ritchie was just about to kick things up a notch when she dumped him. But Ritchie's not one to be put off easily.

Aaron Holster, is Lacey's best friend and roommate and damn sick of her choices in men. Her whining and complaining has sent him over the edge and he decides to take matters into his own hands by calling his cousin, Brock Hamilton in on a bet. A man like Brock was sure to tame the fiery Lacey, and set her on the right path.

Brock Hamilton had to admit he was intrigued when his cousin called him out on a bet. Upon meeting the feisty bombshell as she slid around the corner in only a lace bra and panties, he grinned.

As she stormed away embarrassed, he turned to his cousin and winked. "Game on!"

Review: Ms. Grey writes a VERY hot book. The hot scenes are even hotter than the cover of the book. I started reading and was really enjoy it. The characters were very real and most of them were likable. ( I hate giving spoilers so unfortunately this review will be rather vague.) But there was something that happened in the book and I was rather appalled by it. Then unfortunately I don't feel that Ms. Grey dealt with the situation in a way that satisfied me. I would have liked to have seen that situation brought to light more and consequences suffered. The writing was great, the plot was well thought out, but I feel let down with this book in so many ways. If touchy subjects bother you, please be forewarned. If not, then You Could Read this book.

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