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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Review - Goldie's Bear by Pat Dale

Title: Goldie’s Bear
Author: Pat Dale
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Buy Link: Goldie's Bear

Rating: You Could Read

Reviewed by: Laura

Lucy Fox is an accountant who spends her evenings taking care of her elderly father. She made a promise at her mother’s death bed that she would always be available for her father. Lucy’s biggest problem is that she has never learned to drive. Her father enlists the help of an instructor to rectify the situation.

Thom Hill is using his part-time job as an instructor as a stepping stone towards his real dream job; a landscape architect. His ex-wife and his ex-partner are now married to each other and have taken all of his business contacts with them leaving him out in the cold so to speak. He plans on getting back on his feet. He didn’t plan on meeting the incomparable Lucy Fox.

The title doesn’t give much of a clue to the story. After I read the book, I still didn’t get the association. Throughout the book, Thom does call Lucy “Goldilocks” but not Goldie. Thom is introduced as a very patient man. You would have to be if you are a driver’s education instructor. However, halfway through the book, Thom goes into an inexplicable rampage about something Lucy has done. His reaction is out of character and totally ridiculous. I believe it was the author’s intent to somehow make a “bear” out of Thom’s character but the attempt fell flat. The main characters get into arguments over the most innocuous of things. Lucy comes across as a spineless doormat which is not typical of 30 year old professional women. Having said that, the story does have some bright spots. Lucy uses surprising initiative in locating answers for her boyfriend’s problems and his possible business opportunities. The scenes between Lucy’s father and his neighbor lend some humor to the story as well. The relationship between Lucy and her sister, Natalie, shows great love and respect for one another. Overall, I think the book was well-intentioned and holds some appeal.

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