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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Review - Mountain's Echo by Debbie Gould

Title: Mountain's Echo
Author: Debbie Gould
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Buy Link: Mountain's Echo

Rating: You Need To Read

Reviewer: Laura

Jake Donegan and his best friend, Scott, have known each other since they were young children. They have fought in the military side by side and have continued to take care of each other in the undercover work they are doing now. In the middle of their latest assignment, Jake is forced to call the one woman in his lifetime he had hoped never to have to talk to much less ever see again. It is a matter of life and death so Jake has no choice but to open up a door to a world of pain.

Maggie has spent the last ten years living her life and leaving the pain of her first love's rejection in the past. Coming home one day and hearing his voice on her answering machine floored her. She couldn't breathe much less concentrate on what he was saying. How could such an insensitive jerk believe she would want to hear from him ever again? Even if Jake is her brother, Scott's, best friend, she wants nothing to do with him. That is, until she hears the reason for the call and realizes she is going to have to not only see Jake again but she is going to have to fortify her battered heart against the only man she has ever truly loved.

The story of Jake and Maggie is fascinating and riveting. When the reader understands the background story, the animosity between Jake and Maggie is clear. What is prominent in this story is that people tend to make choices for others based on what is believed to be in their best interest with little or no regard for what the other person might truly want. Missed signals, misunderstanding and unspoken emotions run rampant in the book and lead to some of the most breathtaking love scenes I have ever read. The relationships between brother and sister and best friends are forged in steel in spite of the problems that exist among them. I loved reading about the minor characters and their life stories as well as the main characters. The author will hook you with the first chapter and compel you to hang on and turn pages without thought to the outside world in order for you to reach the explosive climax that no one can see coming. I look forward to reading Ms. Gould's books in the future.

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