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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Review - The Pleasure of Pain by Michael Boatman

Title: Book Two of the Ravenous: The Pleasure of Pain
Author: Michael Boatman
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Buy Link: The Pleasure of Pain

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed By: Janelle

Neema Umayma, a fledgling member of The Sisterhood of Shadows, must confront an ancient enemy believed long dead. When her best friend is murdered at the hands of a vampire, Neema is forced to use her powers in ways she never imagined. Wounded and desperate to understand the truth of her strange heritage, Neema must kill in order to save herself from a fate worse than death. But even with her astonishing abilities, Neema must survive long enough to answer two questions; One: How do you kill what's already dead? And two; If blood drinking vampires are real, how are they related to the Sisterhood?

This bite sized story was a thrill suspense and action. But with heavy violence, it isn’t a story for everyone. Neema fairly classic young vampire on the cusp of coming into her powers – questioning the morality of her survival while still doing what needs to be done to get by – but the author plays her well. After seeing the results of her mother’s choice and discovering the results of the woman’s dying warning, she is still struggling with what she is and the choices that leaves her.

The main draw back to this book is that is does not feel like a book at all; but instead an prologue to a longer tale. It’s just long enough to get the reader invested in the character and her journey, before it comes to screeching halt. I think this series would be better served as a single book rather then a handful of individual stories.

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