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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Review - Crucified by Adelle Laudan

Title: Crucified
Author: Adelle Laudan
Publisher: Wild Rose Press

Rating: You Could Read

Reviewed by: Laura

Taylor rides into the small oceanfront town of Johnstown with hopes of starting fresh. He takes over the local auto body shop and puts the open sign in the window. Unfortunately the previous owner left the townsfolk with a bad taste in their mouths in regards to Bikers. When a photo of the pastor's daughter bound and gagged, is found on the post office bulletin board, all fingers point to him.
Will the sexy Federal Agent, Dianne Parker, be able to prove his innocence, while trying to ignore their growing attraction? Will they find young Casey in time?

Ms. Laudan begins this novel with the promise of a great mystery and love story. However, the book only comes through with a good mystery. There was very little, if any, romance in the book. I didn’t believe in the chemistry between Taylor and Dianne at all. It was also difficult to fathom the animosity held for Taylor merely because he rides a motorcycle. The reader is taken on a merry chase for the bad guy who turns out to be the last person anyone would suspect. That is the best part.

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