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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Review - Dragon Lord of Kells by Brenda Weaver

Title : The Dragon Lord of Kells : Book 1 of The Empowered Spirits Series
Author : Brenda Weaver
Publisher : The Wild Rose Press

Rating : You Could Read

Reviewed By : Tir

In the mists of the dark forest of Muir, Rowan of Locks Glen stumbles into a trap. He is the last of his kind, a fierce and mighty Dragon Lord. As Rowan is fighting for his life, he is suddenly, desperately aware that he should have taken a wife, thereby ensuring the lineage of his blood. A throng of arrows whip through his body as everything turns black.

Kira, a healer from an ancient clan of elves, finds Rowan’s prone body. She recognizes him as the protector of her people, hides him and takes him to her cottage where, she hopes, he’ll be safe. While there, Rowan asks her to be his life mate. She refuses at first, for she feels unworthy, but she was born to protect this mighty Dragon Lord. What better way to protect him than to be constantly by his side?

The premise of this story is very interesting and I wanted to love it, being a dragon fanatic but it fell just a bit shy of that mark. I very much liked the hero, Rowan but his reluctance to admit his love for the heroine, Kira was a bit unbelievable while at the same time he proclaimed his need to be by her side and the humming of his soul for her. Kira, herself, I wasn't too thrilled with at the beginning of the story for she seemed to be without flaws but she develops more as the story progressed. The villains of the story also were a little lacking in that I didn't really believe them to be as nasty and cruel (with the exception of a torture scene that comes very late in the book) as some of the "good" characters were trying to lead the reader to believe. The final confrontation is a bit clipped and I would have liked to see it expanded a little more. All in all, I felt that there were places where there should be beefed up just a bit but I am, however, curious about the second book upcoming in this series and will very likely pick it up to see how the characters fare in it.

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