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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Review - Finding Jen by Eileen Ann Brennan

Title: Finding Jen
Author: Eileen Ann Brennan
Publisher: Loose Id LLC

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed by: Mickey

At the onset of Finding Jen by Eileen Ann Brennan, we discover that years ago when she was young and carefree Jennifer Gilbert had a boyfriend she adored who she believed had betrayed her. Now that she is older, wiser and a successful attorney who has put the past behind her; who walks back into her life but Sean O’Connell, that errant boyfriend from the past. Sean is now the CEO of Colonial Marine, and to both their surprises he’s in town hoping that Jen’s firm will represent his company with their expansion. Needless to say, now that he has found Jennifer again, Sean wants her that much more, however he has unresolved issues about their break-up. We soon discover that the sparks are still there for both of them, but so is the animosity and hard feelings; they will both need to decide which emotions should guide them. Jen too harbors her own misconceptions – it seems the pair has a lot to overcome if they are supposed to be together.

Finding Jen is a rare treat. While it is closer in length to a novella, it definitely packs a knock-out punch. Ms. Brennan is an expert at setting a scene and inviting her readers to emotionally live in the moment with her characters. The characters themselves are very well-developed, with individual and unique personalities, each one extremely charismatic in his or her own right. Without divulging the ending, I truly liked all the parties, even Jen’s current boyfriend Rick who, to his misfortune, is type-casted as the other man in this tale. Ms. Brennan handles her story with sensitivity, inviting the readers to empathize with everyone involved, see their motives and understand their actions. While not the traditional ‘HEA” ending to what is definitely not your typical romance, Jen does find the perfect ending and everyone, including the reader is happy with it.

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