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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Review - Forever Yours by M.A. Gonzales

Title: Forever Yours
Author: M.A. Gonzales
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed by: Val

Her whole life Maria has done what was expected of her. Her mother had certain rules for her and she had followed those rules. She had married the right man, gone to the right schools, and chose the right profession but when Maria’s divorce strikes the seemingly happy home no one is more shocked then Maria. Especially, when Mark tells her he never really loved her.
On impulse and wanting to break free from the chains that are binding her to a life she doesn’t want, Maria quits school and her job. She goes to stay with her grandmother and her sister in Tuscany, Italy. She has no intention of coming back.
She is reacquainted with her childhood friend, Gabriel who also runs his family’s vineyard. The passion is hot and the heat scorching as Gabriel brings an intense passion from Maria. A passion she didn’t know she had. Come journey with Maria as she comes into her own. Be with her as she discovers love, passion, and lust for life. Come with her, as she discovers life and love in Forever Yours

I enjoyed being a part of Maria's journey to finding herself. She was a woman who had been done dirty and was finding it hard to not to let that show. Gabriel's character was HOT! The perfect Italian dreamboat. Although they had been childhood friends, the moment they first meet again made me laugh out loud. The chemistry between the two characters was electrifying. Gabriel was exactly what Maria needed to find herself once again.

I enjoyed reading Forever Yours. I was transported to Italy and shown how beautiful a vineyard can be. Ms. Gonzales' description of the imagery surrounding the characters was captivating and I found myself wanting to visit Italy. Gabriel talking in Italian made my knees go weak! What woman doesn't love to hear an Italian man. This was a well written short story that I recommend to those who want a quick, fun and sexy read. I love reading Ms. Gonzales' work and look forward to her new book.

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  1. Her book sounds great I love the cover, thanks for the blog today,


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