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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Review - Forgotten Children by Michael Davis

Title: Forgotten Children
Author: Michael Davis
Publisher: Champagne Books

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed By: Janelle

Life in the small rural town of Lawton, VA is everything you can imagine: wonderful people, beautiful vistas, and a peaceful environment to raise your family, except for one thing. The greed and vanity of a few men has exacted a heavy toll on the community, and those whose lives have been forever affected have no idea. No one knows, except Sara. In her subconscious mind, the nightmares that invade her sleep show the confusing truth and feed her fears. But she never verbalizes the haunting images to her husband. Until the true sinister nature of the clandestine EW operation is revealed and the couple is forced to struggle for their lives.

Murder mysteries are always fun. But this story is less of a who-dun-it, and more of a how-dun-it. The story plays of fears of the power government, big business, and hospitals to draw the reader into a world where places that should be helpful and safe havens to a community hide a sinister purpose. Unlike most murder mysteries, the tale isn’t told by a detective or someone out to clear their name; but instead by a pair of reporters.

Mark and Don are childhood friends who grew up in their quiet little town and now work side by side as reporters for the local paper. The kinship is evident from the beginning, as they joke around and call each other by old nick-names. Their world is expanded on as the reader is introduced to Mark’s wife Sara, and Don’s various attachments.

As they begin to dig into the story, they learn that this quiet town isn’t so quiet after all, and the people they thought they could trust have their hands in very deep pockets. Laying their faith in each other and a few old friends, they search for truth, but doing so brings them into the cross-hairs of people who have no qualms about destroying them in ways they could never imagine.

But the story is more then just the mystery and the evils of the world. It takes time to explore the daily lives of the characters. From Don’s search for belonging, to Mark and Sara’s trouble getting pregnant.

I do have to mention, however, that I ran into a moment that threw me out of the story. At one point Sara, is rushed to the hospital and is diagnosed with Anaphylaxis, but the symptoms she is given don’t match. She exhibits vomiting, lethergy, and paleness lingering for over an hour, perhaps more. These are signs of poisoning. Anaphylaxis is characterized by a swelling of the throat and/or tongue, thus killing by asphyxiation. If she really were not found for so long after a reaction, she’d be dead. Furthermore, the treatment would not be to stabilize her vital signs, it would be to put her on a ventilator and treat the reaction with anti-histamines, then observation in case of a relapse.

Overall, I recommend this story. It is well put together, encompassing not just the main plot but the lives of the characters as a whole.

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