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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Review - Grace by Mina Carter

Title: Grace
Author: Mina Carter
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing, LLC

Rating: You could read

Reviewer: Nerine

Grace Solomon was a prima ballerina who lived up to her name until she suffered a painful motor vehicle accident that left her crippled, and at the whims of her cousin Fayte, who cares for her. Grace is no shrinking violet, though, and despite the fact that she can no longer dance, Grace still faithfully attends the ballet, indulging in her love for the art-form and also the guilty pleasure of admiring the man she fears she can never have – the dark, mysterious Jaron Conrad, patron of the arts and the object of desire for all the hot-blooded females in the company.

Jaron Conrad is a man with a deadly secret and a dark past, who is far more than he appears to be. He has loved ballet for a very long time and he has, from afar, been enamoured with Grace, whose dancing has captivated him. He also has a cure for her condition, which may see Grace take the stage again to resume her career. That cure, however, comes at a price she may not be prepared to pay, and has some unexpected results for Grace when she first takes samples Jaron’s remedy.

A quick read, this novel races to its first passionate climax in a way that left me quite breathless. Mina Carter knows how to build tension in a hot seduction. As a character, Grace blossoms from being bitter into a woman who is not afraid to push her boundaries.

I do feel, however, that I would have liked to have seen more conflict from Jaron’s point of view earlier with regards to his agony of mind over revealing his secret to Grace. There could have been a more tentative build-up to their relationship. The only thing about Carter’s style that bothers me is her reliance on idiomatic clich├ęs that crop up often during her prose but other than that this was a fun read.

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