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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Review - Huntress of my Heart by Phyllis Campbell

Title: Huntress of my Heart
Author: Phyllis Campbell
Publisher: Wild Rose Press

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewer: Lupa

Phoebe has a problem. Her father, govenor of turkey, has decided that she is Artemis reincarnated. This would not be so bad if he was not determined to make sure she stayed, and died a virgin just as that mythical goddess did. Allshe wants is to have a normal life and when she decides to sneak into the market her life is changed forever by a handsome english nobleman.

Barrington Winston is in Turkey on a trading voyage, his last before settling in to manage his ancestral estate. Little does he know what surprises await him on this voyage.

This historical short story was a delight to read. Encompassing deep and well developed characters, an interesting backstory, and a great polt that kept things moving forward it is amazing how much is within these short 51 pages. Phyllis Campbell did a great job with this story and I am looking forawrd to more from her.


  1. Lupa, thanks for an awesome review!! It made my day!



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