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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Review - The Lawyer by Carrie Golden

Title: The Lawyer
Author: Carrie Golden
Publisher: Loose ID
Buy Link: The Lawyer

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewer: Sashet

By day, Grace Sheffield is a respected, old money business woman. By night, she's an experienced Dominatrix, one of the best. Her toy box is full, but her heart and her bed are empty. She can't find a submissive who is still strong enough to challenge her. So she's going to create one: a slave, a lover, and a partner all rolled into one.

Strong-willed, perceptive attorney William Walker also has an untapped submissive side. He's straight, conservative, has women in his life, but none who hold his attention. When he's first handcuffed and dominated he is fascinated at his own response--he loves it! But he was burned long ago by a conniving lover, and he can't have Grace unless he learns to trust.

This was an interesting book to read and then try and formulate a review for. I felt for William throughout all his experiences and really came to care a great deal for him. The sex is hot and has something that will appeal to most any reader. I feel I should warn the reader, some scenes can be disturbing. There were few negatives for the book. I didn’t feel it lived up to its blurb. I expected to see more of Grace, but the story is almost entirely from William’s point of view. Ms. Golden, in my opinion, cheated the reader of getting to know Grace. There was also a sudden appearance by a character that seemed out of the blue – when another character had been better set up to fulfill that role and I personally would have preferred a better explanation of the consequences of the actions.

With those small negatives, The Lawyer still held my attention and kept me reading. This is not a tale for the faint of heart. The sex is hot, frequent and varied. William’s since of being overwhelmed grabs the reader and makes them really care about him. If you are into BDSM books – you need to read this one.

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  1. One of the best erotic novels I've ever read


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