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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Review - Love me, Love my Sweetcheeks by Carrie Destler

Title: Love Me Love My Sweetcheeks
Author: Carrie Destler
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by: Val

Josh Sommers just wants to mind his own business, but when the mailman keeps getting Josh's mail mixed up with that of Ali Summers, his sinfully tempting neighbor from across the hall, he has to put up with suggestive come-ons from Sweetcheeks the parrot. Not that he wouldn't mind putting some of Sweetcheeks' suggestions to use with Ali, but is he willing to risk his heart?
Ali has a severe case of the 'hots' for her handsome neighbor Josh, but he resists her efforts to lead him into temptation. With a little help from Sweetcheeks, a red phone, and some sexy talk, will Ali finally have her way with the sexy hunk?

I have to start off first saying that my favorite line in the book was "God Bless the mailman and his cataracts!" Loved it and it made me chuckle. Ok, now on with my review.

OK, I fell I love with Josh first thing. I loved the way he couldn't breathe when he was around Ali. He was insecure in the love department and tried to fight his reaction to Ali as much as he could, and he failed miserably! Ali's character was self assured and she seemed to be the kind of person who got what she wanted. She was so funny and smart, I couldn't help but love her character. When you put Josh and Ali together, oh man, there were fireworks. I so loved the way they both jumped to conclusions and laughed my way through the story.

Ms. Destler is now one of my favorite writers. I love her sense of humor and witty remarks. Throw a crazy bird in the mix and you have a book that I absolutely love. The humor in this book alone deserved the You Gotta Read rating. Love Me My Sweetcheeks was a hilarious read and I highly recommend this book. It's short but is guaranteed to bring many laughs. I look forward to reading Ms. Destler's future work.

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