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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Review - Motorcycle Woman by Larry Hammersley

Title: Motorcycle Woman
Author: Larry Hammersley

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

Buy Link: Motorcycle Woman

Rating: You Need to Read

Why don't you jump on the motorcycle of your choice and join me on a little journey through a book called Motorcycle Woman. Hold on tight though, it can get to be a wild and bumpy ride.

The woman pulling up to your right is Tess, she is a motorcycle girl, through and through. She's a fighter that one, so I suggest you don't start anything with her. She acts hard as nails but that is just to compensate for situations that are sometimes beyond her control. She is a beautiful person on the inside and out. Don't let her edginess scare you, she is a one in a million kind of person. If she happens to make friends with you, you have a friend for life.

That hunk of a man man riding next her is Johnnie. Hands off ladies, he only has eyes for Tess. You should see the chemistry between those two, makes you believe in love all over again. You should let them sit down and tell you the story about how they met. It's really exciting actually and their escapades will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time. Oh yeah, you won't believe what that gorgeous man does for a living!

That guy, way back there, that's Butch. I call him Bad News Butch! From the minute I met him, I knew I wouldn't like him. I wanted to punch his lights out but Johnnie and Tess handled the situation very well if I must say so myself. No one really likes him so let's not waste our breath on him.

That guy, is Jug, the top Harley Mechanic in Indiana. He plays an important role in Tess' life but that's not for me to tell, I'll leave that to Tess.

The guy riding in front of us, well that is none other that Larry Hammersley himself. He is the one who brought Tess, Johnnie and the rest of the gang riding with us today, to life. Larry is a brilliant man who knows how to tell an action packed story. Word has it that he's even on the internet! Yes, I saw for myself the other day, some lady from a site called You Gotta Read read heard about his story and gave it a You Need to Read, so you know the story has gotta be good!

OK, guys, we're here. This restaurant is called Eau Claire, they make the best breaded tenderloin sandwiches in all the county! Enjoy your lunch and don't forget to go on over to Larry, Tess and Johnnie, their story is amazing! And while you're talking to Larry, tell him that you want to hear more of his stories. Maybe we can convince him to tell us more about where Tess and Johnnie are headed in the future.

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