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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Review - Olympians Series: Lessons in Love by Susan M. Sailors

Title: Olympians Series: Lessons in Love
Author: Susan M. Sailors
Publisher: Whiskey Creek

Rating: You Could Read

Reviewed By: Janelle

Eros hates Valentine’s Day. No matter how many couples he unites, his own life is lonely and empty because every relationship he helps create reminds him of his own dissatisfaction. When his loathing for the lover’s holiday angers Zeus, Eros heads to his favorite restaurant to cool down. Instead, he becomes even more confused because the restaurant’s enchanting and beautiful owner, Iris, who turns out to be a goddess herself, berates him over his horrible treatment of women. Little does Eros know, his mother Aphrodite and the goddess Hera plan to use Iris to teach him what love is really all about. All he knows is he’s met the one woman who could truly hold his heart, and he’s determined to convince her that, with her help, he can prove that he’s no longer the man she once despised.

Surely Olympus as a whole has better things to do then worry about the awkward romance of a couple of minor deities. There is such thing as a story book romance, but this is more like a Reality Show romance. The entire point is pushed to the background in favor of getting to the sex faster and general bickering.

It's like reading about horny teenagers. "He loves me? He loves me not? Oh well, he's cute, so I'll sleep with him anyway." And of course the token morning after regret.

Overall, this isn't a bad story, it just isn't a very original one either.

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