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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Review - Passion Unleashed by Larissa Ione

Title: Passion Unleashed, A Demonica Novel
Author: Larissa Ione
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Buy Link: Passion Unleashed (The Demonica Series)

Rating: You Gotta to Read

Reviewed by: Mickey

With Passion Unleashed, Larissa Ione brings to a close her wonderfully thrilling stories of the three brothers who control (UGH) Underworld General Hospital, and the other humans and creatures whose lives they touch along the way. While we met Wraith in the first two books, nothing quite prepares us for the youngest of the three brothers, the one who most consider a live grenade waiting to explode. In Passion Unleashed Wraith’s story unfolds with an unexpected assassination attempt that has many long reaching side effects, the least of which is a time released poison that is rapidly killing him. Naturally, the only antidote can be uncovered through sexual means – he is a Seminus demon after all. And he needs to work with a difficult human: life wouldn’t be fun if it wasn't challenging now would it? In this case, Wraith’s “key” is a female named Serena Kelley and she is determined to remain celibate – a perfect match for an intensely sexual being like Wraith.

The Demonica series is such a breath of fresh air, with its irresistible main characters, rich variety of personable secondary characters and exotic locations. I enjoy the forays into UGH simply because you never know what demons Ms. Ione could and would envision, and her mind creates visual images so unusual and vivid. In between the seriousness of Wraith’s plight, Ms. Ione does have fun with this storyline, and brings back a few of our favorite characters to tie the three books together. There are more demons, more dangers, new locales and more opportunities for the reader to see a whole new world using new eyes. Wraith is not the only person after Serena; while trying to charm the key from her, he also has to keep her safe. And, yes I did use the word “charm” and Wraith in the same sentence – trust me and read the book! Watching Wraith struggle with his emerging nobility, his feelings for Serena, his duty to his brothers and his newfound desire to live are all reasons to wish this book could have continued for many more chapters. Personally, I was just not ready for it to end - ever.

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