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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Review - Sarah's Journey by Ginger Simpson

Title: Sarah’s Journey
Author: Ginger Simpson
Publisher: Eternal Press

Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by: Laura

When Sarah Collins set her sights on California for a new beginning, she never figured a war party would attack her wagon train. After he friend, Molly, succumbs to her injuries, Sarah is the sole survivor, left alone to find her way back to civilization. Stampeding buffalo, the black prairie nights and eerie noises, just when she believes she’s faced the worst, a rattlesnake bite threatens to accomplish what the Indians failed. Is it her time to die, or does Sarah have a purpose yet to accomplish?

The 1850 Santa Fe Trail was described vividly by Ms. Simpson. I could truly envision the vultures circling, the stench of rotting bodies and the shocking appearance of people who had been scalped. As I read through page after page of this captivating story, I found myself torn between what the brain and what the heart said. As the characters work their way through their lives, the choices they had to make were prudent but heartbreaking nonetheless. The icing on the cake was the ending, and it could not have been more poignant if she tried. I was left breathless upon reading the final paragraph. This is an amazing book by a truly gifted author.


  1. Awesome review. I haven't read this book but I have read some of Ginger's other work and she is a very gifted writer! Congrats on the outstanding rating.

  2. Wow...I just found this review and, it's such a wonderful moment when you read something that tells you the READER actually GOT what I intended with my ending. Thank you, thank you, thank you...from the bottom of my heart.


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