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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Review - Son of the Sun by L.A. Wilson

Title: Son of the Sun
Author: L.A. Wilson
Publisher: Eternal Press

Rating:You Could Read

Reviewer: Lupa

Son of the Sun is a book about a bounty hunter who discovers that he has special abilities and used them.. Well to see how he uses them you have to read the book. This is an original story with interesting characters and a decent storyline.

My biggest problem with the story is that it seemed to me to be rather wordy. With some works that could mean it was vividly descriptive. With this one it seemed more like the author trying to pack as may words onto a page as possible. The true action, what small amount there is, does not kick in until well over halfway through the book.

The main character Jas is a bounty hunter for the king. He is a tortured soul and you learn much of his past as he travels on his current mission. There is a good depth to the character that was truly enjoyable. I liked this book but I have to say it could use some polishing. Perhaps tightening up the story and making it flow a littler better would make an improvement. But then again it is what it is. An interesting story and a decent read to take along on a vacation.

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