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Friday, May 8, 2009

Review - A Bid For Love by Michelle Houston

Title: A Bid for Love

Author: Michelle Houston

Publisher: Phaze Books

Buy Link: A Bid for Love

Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed By: Janelle

Erika had thought that Ryan was out of her life, and that she was over him. When they run into each other at an art action, and he outbids her on a painting of her grandmother's, she's willing to do anything to get it from him - including agree to spend 48 hours with him. Her head says at the end of it, she can just walk away. Her heart isn't so sure.

It is rare to find a book on BDSM that actually does the practice justice. Most forget that it isn’t just about dominance and submission. More then anything else, it’s about trust. Trust that the other person will not do you real and lasting harm. Trust that they will stop when requested. Trust that they will not abuse the power they have been given.

And that is what this story is really about, trust; how quickly it is broken and how it can begin to be repaired.

As for the sex, it is definitely hot and heavy in this one, and an excellent choice for anyone looking for a dominate man. Ryan and Erika have a passionate chemistry that is clear even in such a short story. I hope to see more works from this author in the near future.

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