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Friday, May 8, 2009

Review - Casino Star Shine by Sultry Summers

Title: Casino Star Shine

Author: Sultry Summers
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press

Rating: You Want to Read

Reviewer: Heather

Intrigue, sex and planetary domination are swiftly flowing stellar undercurrents at Casino Star Shine.

Sold by space pirates to Casino Star Shine, Blaze is determined to escape before she is sold at their virgin auction. Her escape attempt is foiled as, tackled by Casino guards, she tumbles at the feet of Lord Kalx.

Attracted to the fiery duchess, Kalx’s vacation of gaming and exploring erotic escapes with the Casino’s trained ladies dulls. Biding his time until he can buy Blaze at the auction, he meets an ominous woman general. She’s rumored to be intent on buying Blaze as a ransom in exchange for a rare mineral found on her world, and Kalx senses her malicious intent. Outbidding the general, he wins Blaze and marries her to unite their two worlds.

A relationship of master versus slave/wife turns to one of trust, respect and love. However, the general is determined to snatch Blaze by any way possible, including murder.
I was completely bowled over by this book. I am not normally a Sci-Fi fan, but thought I would give Casino Star Shine a shot. I was pulled into this story from the beginning with Blaze facing off against a band of pirates. Out numbered she is willing to fight to the death, until a bargain is struck that only made her wish she had. Blaze is a strong willed, beautiful, and smart woman who has just been put in a predicament that she has to figure how to get herself out of.
Kalx is the hero that every romance reader wants. He’s strong, in command, good looking, oh and he is a King. After a chance meeting, if you want to call it a meeting, with Blaze in the corridor of the Casino ship he can think of nothing but her and how to he will help rescue this fiery red head.
Sultry is her name and her game, creating an erotic tale that was not only HOT, but full of substance. A real page-turner!! I thoroughly enjoyed getting wrapped up in this other world and look forward to reading more by Sultry Summers.


  1. Hi Heather
    I'd like to thank you for your review of Casino - Star Shine - I pleased you enjoyed reading my adventures out in space and hope you will enjoy my other works as well. I found the review - by accident on google but was please to have it and will add it to my web site at www.sqpens.com. Thanks again
    Sultry Summers

  2. You are more than welcome!! I really enjoyed reading Casino- Star Shine.

  3. Sultry, I'm looking forward to reading this.


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