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Friday, May 29, 2009

Review - Caul Shroud Veil by Kim McDougall

Title: Caul Shroud Veil (Book I of the Fireraisers Trilogy)

Author: Kim McDougall

Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing, Inc.

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Rating: You Could Read

Reviewed by: Shawn Weisser

Canaan, a broken god, and Maia, a young FireRaiser, face the horrors behind a sentient forest fire razing the continent of Gnoss. Gnoss' divine king, Alred, is too wrapped up in his own fears to believe that his kingdom is truly threatened by a power greater than his own. These three characters collide in a battle of wills. Each is dependent on the other. Each believes he is alone to battle the demons that come from inside as well as those hiding in the darkest forests.

Caul Shroud Veil is a confusing and erratic story. It takes most of the first chapter to clarify who the story is about (Maia) and then introduces a new primary character in the second chapter. The characters’ worlds are connected and they meet briefly throughout the book. The trilogy should have started with the story of Maia’s parents, which becomes integral to the storyline, because the book feels as if it is missing a chapter at the beginning. The author used many pages explaining what was taking place, she was very descriptive as to surroundings and feelings, but used few pages on dialogue. The book kept hinting around what the reader already guessed. The book was very obvious. Major events were briefly touched upon. The book was very close to being a good story but just fell short of making me invested in the outcome.

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