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Monday, May 18, 2009

Review - Dragon's Lust by Savannah Reardon

Title : Dragon's Lust

Author : Savannah Reardon

Publisher : Phaze Books

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Rating : You Could Read

Reviewed By : Tir

Determined to avenge the deaths of her father and brothers, Kiana slips into the dragon Ranehz's lair with the intent to kill...and instead becomes his own. The dragon's brand drives Kiana mad with desire, and she soon discovers she's unable to resist him - more so in his handsome human form.

Lonely Ranehz has longed for a companion, and when Kiana enters his lair he can't believe his good fortune. Yet, once his branding wears off will she run or grow to love him for who he is?

Ms. Reardon creates for us a very interesting story with well-developed characters. I very much liked the basic story and poor, lonely Ranehz. However, I was a bit thrown by fact that at one point after Ranehz is injured and can no longer shift, Kiana must still be satisfied. It throws the sex scenes into the bestiality category, which does not really appeal to me and thus somewhat ruined my enjoyment of the story. If you can get passed that point, then the story is excellent.

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