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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Review - The Elemental Crossing by Robert Appleton

Title: Book 2: The Elemental Crossing

Author: Robert Appleton

Publisher: Eternal Press

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Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed by: MarthaE

The Elemental Crossing' is the exciting sequel to Robert Appleton's 'The Eleven-Hour Fall'.

After their hard-won escape from the mountain peaks and many perils of the desert, Kate and Jason are faced with their most difficult challenge yet on Kratos: crossing a vast ocean on nothing but an improvised raft. Their relationship grows as hope dwindles. Procuring food, water and a safe course across stretches their survival expertise to its limits. Despite help from an unexpected ally, what else lurks beneath the surface of this alien sea?

Intimate character reflections weave through the epic scale of this second installment in the thrilling romantic survival series.

Although this second book did not move quite as fast as the first it was still filled with plenty of new creatures, dangers and action. I loved the unexpected allies and one in particular is a character all to herself…becoming a beloved pet although not one I could ever imagine! The array of sea creatures is pretty remarkable!

Kate and Jason continue to press forward in this strange world, sharing their intelligence and common sense. As their relationship begins to deepen, they get separated and each has to face incredible dangers on their own. It is pretty amazing that they can live through all the trials they encounter… but it is a fantasy after all!

During their struggles they have to confront the possibility of going on alone…assuming they even survive to go on! The first book was primarily action and adventure. In addition to more dangers and adventures, the second book is more contemplative: addressing the reactions and motivations of man and woman when life comes down to the very basics of surviving all alone. This book leaves you at a startling point where you have to go on to the last book if you want to know the fates of Kate and Jason!

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