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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Review - Endless Love by Marilyn Lee

Title : Endless Love, Fantasy Knights Two

Author : Marilyn Lee

Publisher : Loose ID

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Rating : You Need To Read

Reviewed By : Tir

Erin has spent most of her life feeling as if she's waiting for a nameless lover from a previous life. When she meets the tall, gorgeous Aleksander Storm, he shows her extraordinary sensual delight. So much so that he might almost be her lost love--except she's certain the lover is question was black and Aleksander is a gray-eyed blond. Unable to resist her instant attraction for him, Erin soon finds herself torn between a flesh and blood man and a fantasy lover.

Aleksander Storm has waited several life times for an opportunity to win Erin's heart. Just as they become lovers and he thinks she's finally ready to be his, she remembers her previous love. Aleksander will do everything he can to convince Erin to reject her old lover and give him a chance to fulfill his promise of an endless love.

Though this is the second book in Ms. Lee's Fantasy Knights series, I found that it stands alone perfectly well. I did not feel confused at all, wondering what the first book had revealed already. Her writing style is sensuous, drawing the reader in from the very first moment with vivid descriptions and flowing language. I found this book a very pleasurable and easy read. The characters too were life-like and their interactions with one another perfectly believable. I definitely recommend picking up this book and, as I will be doing, the first one in the series.

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