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Friday, May 29, 2009

Review - Fellorian Ressurection by Megan Rose

Title : Fellorian Ressurection

Author : Megan Rose

Publisher : Red Rose Publishing

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Rating : You Could Read

Reviewed By : Tir

The Fellorians: a new breed of vampire, a new breed of passion

The newly formed Trinity of Fellorian vampires have their first
mission together in the mortal world: Return the Merlone Dagger to the
realm of Felloria. However, newly rejuvenated vampire Arrbern has a
more personal mission. He needs to reunite with the beautiful woman
from his past life: in 1815. With a lost love and more dangerous
enemies to face, will the Fellorians ever be returned to their homeland?

Having read, reviewed, and really enjoyed the first book in The Fellorians Series, I jumped on the chance to review the second in the second. Although this book remained as steamy as the first, I found its conclusion to be a little bit rushed. There was some mystery involved in the plot here and I would have very much liked to have seen it drawn out a little bit more. The importance behind The Trinity was never really shown, which I had also been looking forward to seeing. It is obvious at the end that this is not the last book in the series so I would recommend reading it for continuities sake and I am hopeful for the next book.

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