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Monday, May 18, 2009

Review - Giving Up The Ghosts by Alysha Ellis

Title : Giving up the Ghosts~Ghostly Ménage Part 2

Author : Alysha Ellis

Publisher : Eternal Press

Buy Giving Up The Ghosts Here!

Reviewed By: Brynna Curry


Living with three hot ghosts who exist only to please her, Kelsie is in heaven-especially since that pleasing involves lots and lots of sex. However, when a demon curses them, fun time is over. If they come-they go! Suddenly being screwed takes on a scary new meaning. Never in the history of the paranormal have four people tried so inventively not to have sex-and failed so completely.

When the sex starved demon Pantera curses Kelsie’s beloved ghosts, she must find a way to break it before Adam, Chad and Benedict disappear forever. As someone who generally doesn’t read ménage, I was pleasantly surprised by the emotion portrayed through Ms. Ellis’ characters. The ghost angle had me requesting the book, but Kelsie’s love for her ghostly lovers kept me turning the page. I wanted her to find a way to keep them “alive”. This book is a quick read, hot of course, but more than that the love shines through above all else. Fans of ménage are going to love Giving up the Ghosts. Well done, Ms. Ellis.

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