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Monday, May 18, 2009

Review - Her Big Bad Wolf by McKenna Chase & Jana Mercy

Title : Her Big Bad Wolf

Author : McKenna Chase & Jana Mercy

Publisher : The Wilder Roses

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Reviewed by: Brynna Curry

Rating: You Need to Read

No beast shall seduce a Fairy Tail maiden.

The Big Bad Wolf has spent years seducing the maidens of Fairy Tail Forest with his sexual prowess. Wolf fears not that he’s breaking the king’s law—he seeks only to feed his insatiable sexual hunger. Then Red comes into his life and Wolf is enamored with the sexy maiden. He does something he has done for no other—he shape-shifts into human form and introduces the virgin Red to pure, uninhibited pleasure.

After a taste of heaven under the skilled shape-shifter's fingers, Red will do anything to be with the lusty, handsome Wolf again. But when Granny discovers that Wolf thinks Red is good enough to eat—literally— she has Wolf captured by the king's guards. Now the only way for Red to have her happily-ever- after with Her Big Bad Wolf is to rescue him from the dungeon. Is Red’s love for Wolf deep enough to risk death?

A great twist on an old tale with a very different ending. When the innocent Red falls for the Wolf of the Dark Forest, even though she knows better than to go against Granny's rules, she wants only to be with Wolf no matter the cost. Leading with her heart, Red claims Wolf for her own, but will the king's men kill her beloved before they can have a future together. Red will do anything in her power to save him. A story so hot it will melt your heart.

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